Call Answering Service

Our call answering service team has been supporting businesses since 2003. Let’s face it, answering calls all day is not your main job. You create, build, fix, design, or generally geek out on whatever it is your business specialises in. So when you hand over your business calls to someone else you need to be confident that they are 100% professional, capable, affordable, and know how to use good, old-fashioned common sense while you get on with your work.

Call Answering Service


/ Month

One Off Set Up Fee From £50

Call Charge
£1.00 Per Call

About Our Call Answering Service
  • Answer calls in your business name
  • Ask caller basic 4-5 questions
  • Relay up to 2 pieces of information about your business beyond name and address (ie, pricing, training dates, etc)
  • Up to 8 staff profiles added to contact list at no extra cost*
  • Relay Message via email or SMS (additional 10p per SMS)
  • Call transfers to any UK based landline or mobile for 15p per announcement PLUS BT rate

Call Answering Service

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Call Answering Service carries a minimum 30-day contract, after which time we require a month’s notice to terminate.
All prices listed are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change.

Businesses with call volumes of 75 or more per month may be eligible for reduced per call rates. Please contact us for an individual quote.

“Factotum provide us with an invaluable service, the team are great and they ensure we never miss a call! A fantastic service by fantastic people.”
Exact Outsourcing

Here’s how it works:

1. A member of our Call Answering Service team will either speak with you over the phone or meet in person to go over the ins and outs of your business. Everything from staff details to the colour of your front door.

2. We use this information to create a personalised profile then go over the brief process of how to divert your phones.

3. We test all your specified message sending options and transfer lines.

If your business needs a bit more than our Call Answering Service, we’re ready for you! This could include…

Logging into your CRM to complete a “Customer Form”

Logging support calls for your technical team

Registration of candidates for upcoming training courses or events

Processing of payments via your secure online terminal

Diary management

“Factotum play a massive role and are a big part of our team”

If we have not listed a service your business requires, please ask… We are happy to create a bespoke call handling package just for you.

“Having a dedicated call answering service specifically designed for start up businesses has given me the opportunity to portray a professional business image in a cost-effective way”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change My Call Answering Service At Any Time?

Yes! We are happy to shift and change your call answering service as your business grows. There may be some training of the team required if you need a more in-depth service.

What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted?

Direct Debits are preferred, but we also accept one off credit card payments for short term clients and BACS

Can I Keep My Existing Number?

Yes. You simply set up a divert to a new number we provide and answer in your company name. All the calls to your existing number will come through to us.

Who Answers My Calls?

A highly trained call answering team based in Cambridgeshire does all the call answering and optional diary management. Feel free to pop ’round for a cuppa’ and meet the team if you’re in the area!

How Do I Receive My Messages?

All of your messages will be sent to you in real-time, so as soon as your caller hangs up, you will know they tried to get in touch. You decide whether you would like to receive your messages via email or SMS Text so you can stay up to date wherever you are.

How Secure Is Our Caller Information?

Factotum prides itself on being 100% PCI compliant. This means all our call handlers keep their handbags and mobiles in a locker outside of the main office. Most of our staff have been with us for 10+ years. We trust them implicitly to keep your calls confidential and well-managed.

How Does It Work?

Our BLAH is simple. In short, we show you the easy step to divert your calls to the unique number we provide you. We answer the calls in your company name, as if we work for you. We then either send you a text, email or transfer the call as you prefer.

How Do I Divert My Phones?

If you are diverting your mobile or a BT phone line, here is a pdf of how to divert. If you have a VoIP or cloud based phone system, let’s chat. 0333 772 0692. There’s quite an array of how these systems work, so it’s best if we work it out together.

My Calls Are Complicated. How Can I Be Sure You’re Taking The Right Information?

We talk with you about what you need to get out of each call and will build you a bespoke script based on the information you give us. You can make as many changes as you need to your script to make sure your calls are being answered correctly.

What Kind Of Tech Are We Working With?

Within our contact centre we do not rely on third party voice over IP (VoIP) systems. We have installed our own dedicated telephone system utilising PSTN services. This means that when we talk to your customers we don’t sound like we’re using two tins and a piece of string!

We don’t rely on inferior broadband either. We have also installed a dedicated fibre optic data circuit. This circuit is not shared with most of the local town; in fact it’s not shared with anyone. And BT guarantees 99.9% uptime on the line. This means that if we do access your CRM or database we won’t be continually losing connection and asking your customers to “Please hold the line sir!”

Why Factotum?

Factotum Ltd has been providing a BLAH since 2003 and is perfect for your call answering requirements. As part of our services our clients value…

  • Our commitment to a partnership approach.
  • The ‘Full Call’ ownership and management by each of our in-house call team professionals.
  • Our commitment to service delivery – All of our team has either achieved or is working towards customer service/management NVQ’s.
  • Our unique and fair pricing structure that includes a fixed monthly fee together with calls charged on an individual basis.
  • Our Director level involvement and support.

Any questions about our call answering service?
Please call us on 0333 772 0692 or Contact our call answering service team.

Call Answering Service UK