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We are a leading provider of Telephone Answering services, Virtual Receptionist Services and Outsourced Company Reception services in the UK. We create the perfect call answering & call handling package for you and your business. Established in 2003, we have 15 years experience in answering calls for businesses just like yours. Call us today on 0333 772 0692 or send us a message to discuss how we can help you.


**Telephone Answering In A Crisis**

‘Crisis Ready or Crisis Chaos?’ Be it 2-14 day staff isolation periods, lock downs, closures or weather, fire, systems failure or power outage, what happens in your office or reception when there is a staff shortage or a major incident that demands your attention or sends the phones into meltdown? Subscribe to a call management package today and whether we take the calls or not, you will at least be crisis ready!

Call Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services for Small & Medium sized Businesses

Virtual Reception Service

from £39.95 per Month
One-Time set up fee from £50
Our in-house Virtual Receptionists answer your in-bound business telephone calls on your behalf using your company greeting.

Call us 0333 772 0692

Telephone Call
Answering Service

from £39.95 per Month
One-Time set up fee from £50
No telephone calls missed or unanswered. Your business calls answered, messages taken and forwarded to you. Turn on and off as required.

Call us 0333 772 0692

Clinic Diary Reception Service

from £44.95 per Month
One-Time set up fee from £50
Specialist service for Clinical businesses. Medical sector service including secure log-in, CRM and diary management options.

Call us 0333 772 0692

Being an entrepreneur or starting a new business is exciting, but it comes with its own challenges. Discover how the Call Answering Service provided by via our Virtual Receptionists can help your business grow:

Capture every business opportunity that comes your way

Free up time to work on your business

A support team you can trust without question

“Having a dedicated call answering service specifically developed for start-up businesses has given me the opportunity to portray a professional business image in a cost effective, commercial way.” Thirza Dixon. Lippy Marketing & Communications

Call us on 0333 772 0692.

Call Answering, Call Handling and Outsourced Company Reception Services for Large Businesses

Outsourced Company Reception Service

from £49.95 per Month
One-Time set up fee from £50
For large organisations with 10+ staff. our call handling centre team create a bespoke service to suit your specific requirements.

Call us 0333 772 0692

Bespoke Call Handling Service

Need a custom call handling procedure? Have a complex requirement? Contact us to discuss your bespoke requirement.

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Request A Call Back

Have Questions?
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You have over 10 staff already, so outsourcing is a great way to reduce costs while driving customer satisfaction. Factotum have an experienced, UK based reception team ready to provide full or part-time call handling support

Custom-made call handling procedures:

No worries about who’s covering lunch breaks, holidays, sickness and any additional calls

All customer calls handled professionally and courteously

“Factotum offer TBM an excellent telephone answering service. During our busy periods, if all our staff are engaged on the telephone speaking with clients we can be assured that any additional calls (read more)” Martyn Hazelwood. The Business Machine Company

Talk to our team today on 0333 772 0692 or read more about perfect cover for your large business.


Your patients deserve a highly professional and courteous first point of contact within your clinic. Let the Factotum team be your voice and ongoing liaison for your patients.

Answering patient calls calmly and effectively

Reduced staff overheads

Booking appointments in your diary or practice management system

Leaving you free to conduct appointments and treatments

“Factotum have become part of my clinical team. They are a vital part of the way I run my chiropractic practice.” David Hallam. Active Chiropractic

Trust us to help you manage your Clinic and Diary – speak to us on 0333 772 0692 today.

Maybe you don’t have a problem answering calls to your business most of the time, but what happens when you or one of your team is on holiday? Or sick?

Business as usual through holiday, sickness, and office moves

Avoid the cost and hassle of employing a temp

Also perfect for handling responses to marketing campaigns.

Speak with a Factotum team member today on 0333 772 0692 or read more. You’ll be happy you did!

You’ll be amazed how much the quietly efficient Factotum team will transform your business.

Don’t take our word for it – find out why our customers stay with us year after year, as they continue to grow!

Ready to talk to us? Just one call to 0333 772 0692 will do the trick.