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Carmarthenshire Cleaning

Answering Service

Becoming a Factotum client is one of the best things we have done since being in business. We have in the past 2 weeks got jobs we would have most likely missed, with a value to us of roughly £1500. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Mike Dilley

Zion Landscapes

Answering Service

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the service the team at Factotum provide. I have been stunned at how it has changed the way we work and how much more professional our appearance to customers has become. I was always cautious to give my number out to too many people as I know how annoying it is for customers when I would be on the phone for often over an hour during the day. Not to mention how frustrated I used to get when I could just get on with the task in front of me.
That has all changed now. Not only that but with the form you have designed for your office angels to fill in and email me, I have never had such informed messages of customer details before. It sounds obvious but, often when you are on site and a potential new client rings I don’t always have pen and paper to hand to take down details and I rarely remember at the end of the day that they have called.

With Factotum’s system I get a form with all the contact details on, along with the inquiry emailed to me as it happens. I then have all this information on my phone which I can refer back to at any point. The End of Week email reminding me who has called is also very helpful to stop me forgetting. This is a fantastic service and I plan to continue using yourselves in the future, as this saves a lot of money on employing a secretary. Many Thanks again,

Ben Creasy

Weaver Cleaning

Divert if unanswered

There can be several reasons for not being able to answer the phone promptly during a busy working day. Either the phone rings right at a critical moment in my cleaning process, or when I am driving, or it rings when I am talking to a client or at a critical phase of a quotation. Sometimes I simply don’t hear it ringing!
Of those calls, many don’t leave a message and when I ring the caller back it is too late as they have already found another carpet cleaner who is now booked to do the job. Even if I ring them back within a few seconds – it’s too late – their line is engaged speaking to my competitors. I estimate that I lose about four new business enquiries per month. Multiply this by my average job price and I can put a price on my lost business opportunity, so I have taken corrective action, through Factotum.
I am pleased to say that Factotum now answers all the calls that I fail to answer during the day. They talk to the customer, take their contact details, advise that I am right in the middle of a job and will call them back as soon as I am free. Callers actually appreciate that I am busy, it is a good sign. The potential customer is happy that they have not had to hang up, or record a message, instead they have spoken to someone who has listened to their needs and offered my services.
Factotum staff are fast, friendly and efficient. They also know about my business and the type of services I offer – so they talk with authority and reassurance. The details of the call are sent to me within a few seconds both by text, and email. I respond to the customer and book an appointment. Thank you Factotum for helping me grow my business.

David Weaver

Lift Off Cleaning

Holiday and Short Term

Just used them whilst on holiday for the first time. Set me up in 24 hours, so far really great service.

Joe Nicholson


Answering Service

I take this opportunity to say thank you to your team for the service for so many years and I can say that this was the best company I could find out of so many other similar service providers

Abhay Tijare

The Business Machine Company

Divert on busy

Factotum offers an excellent telephone answering service. During our busy periods, if all our staff are engaged on the telephone speaking with clients, we can be assured that any additional calls will be answered by Factotum.

We know that all calls will be answered promptly, professionally and we receive the enquiry details within minutes which then deal with. This gives us total peace of mind that all our calls are answered and handled professionally and nothing is missed.

Martyn Hazelwood

Real Insurance Solutions

Holiday and Short Term

The insurance broking network is a complex communications system between customers, brokers, broker support team, and insurers. It is essential that we remain in contact with all elements at all times to ensure that we provide an excellent customer service.
That is why we can always rely on Factotum to provide us with a quality holiday telephone answering service to ensure that we always remain in contact, with no breaks in the chain. Not only can we keep our existing customers satisfied, but it also gives us the opportunity to know that new prospective customers are dealt with professionally and courteously. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Factotum’s services to all who may need them.

Philip May
Factotum Limited
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