Factotum Ltd:


How to access & manage your voice-mail.

You will be asked to enter your PIN Number AND Access Code, both will which have been set to the last 4 digits of your Divert Number

While accessing voicemail, you can press 8 at any time to listen to a help message. The following options are given;

1. Play old messages
2. Play saved messages
3. Edit your greeting,
4. Delete your current message
5. Save your current message
6. Forward your current message
7. Repeat the last message
8. For help at any time
9. Skip the message

To add/edit greetings

Dial 01638 576410 and press 3 to edit greetings:
Enter your mailbox number twice when prompted:

1. Hear your greeting message
2. Change your greeting
3. Save your greeting
4. Save your message for playing on a continuous loop