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Podiatry Call Handling

In an industry where cost management, staff levels and customer service delivery is so important, by partnering with Factotum you can be confident that your Podiatry business is able to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

We understands the demands of running a small business where a Podiatrist may be a multi-tasker. We understand that you don’t always get to the phone because you are in treatment. We understand that callers don’t always leave a message, or that your phone is engaged, and that they hang up and call your competition. Or you have a list of calls to return in between appointments or at the end of the day.

Our service gives you the flexibility and control to manage your inbound calls and/or diary as you require:

  • Full or part-time call answering to fit your needs
  • Online diary management service
  • Overflow or auto-divert when engaged or unanswered.
  • Holiday cover, lunch break or staff shortage cover.
  • Standard service Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm.
  • Optional out-of-hours message service – ask for details.
Welcome to the Telephone Answering and/or Diary Management members benefit package for The Royal College Of Podiatry members.

C.O.P Virtual Reception

per month
Price Includes First 10 Minutes
Received Each Month
Standard Calls Up To 6 Data Fields
Call Charge
1.6p Per Second
Set Up Fees Waived
Geographic And Non-Geographic
Numbers Additional £5/Month

C.O.P Virtual + Diary

per month
Price Includes First 10 Minutes
Received Each Month
Standard Calls With 7+ Data Fields
Diary Management
Call Charge
1.5p Per Second
Set Up Fees Waived

Holiday / Short Term

per month
Nil Calls Included
All Calls Chargeable
Standard Calls Up To 6 Data Fields
Message Taking Service Only
Call Charge
£1 Per Message
Set Up Fees Waived
Geographic And Non-Geographic
Numbers Additional £5/Month

Aylesbury Foot Clinic

After a poor experience with a different VR company it was suggested I try Factotum. I asked around and found a few colleagues using them who were pleased and then I found that they also offered a deal for RCOP members so I contacted them.

I received a prompt call back for an initial conversation and was soon signing up. The detail that Factotum require in order to manage your phone lines is excellent. I really felt that they were getting to know my business properly.

When I ask for any kind of assistance they respond really quickly and the request is carried out promptly. I am always amazed at well they work with me as I can be forgetful and not always explain what I need well but they always seem to work it out for me.  I am getting complements from patients about the team answering the phones.

They are reliable, friendly and efficient. They provide a really good value service. My bills come in 70% cheaper than I have experienced elsewhere but offer 100% of the service. They exceed my expectations daily.  I really feel that they have become part of my clinic.


Roundhouse Podiatry

Since we moved to Factotum’s services, I couldn’t be more delighted. Having had a bad experience with another company previously, it was on recommendation that we chose Factotum as our new Virtual Reception providers. So far, our bill is around 1/3 of what it was with our previous company, and the service has been second to none.

Calls have been answered in a very timely manner, and actioned appropriately for our clinic. There have been no issues we have had to raise so far, and the out of hours answerphone is so easy to use.

Our call handlers have done a fantastic job of actioning our waiting list if we have a cancellation. It is a huge relief to me to know that our calls are being handled so well, it lets me relax when I’m not in clinic, and my stress levels are so much lower!

They really know and understand Podiatry, and how our practice management system works. I can’t recommend Factotum highly enough.

Podiatry Profile Set Up Form

This document forms the basis of the Agreement between factotum ltd (the Company) AND the Client. These terms and Conditions apply only to UK clients. Clients based in other jurisdictions should contact factotum Ltd directly on: (0044) 1638 576400


i. All monthly subscription fees are payable in advance with call handling charges payable monthly in arrears
ii. Payment will be collected monthly by Direct Debit
iii. All fees are payable within 14 days of the date of invoice
iv. The Company reserves the right to charge interest of 2% per month on invoices not paid by the due date and an administration charge of £5 per communication in pursuance of unpaid invoices.
v. The Company reserves the right to amend its published price list at any time.

Termination of Agreement

The termination agreement depends on the level of service:

Service Termination Descriptions

vi(a). Following a minimum period of THREE month’s service, either party may terminate the agreement on ONE calendar months’ written notice.


vi(b). Following a minimum period of THREE month’s service, either party may terminate the agreement on ONE calendar months’ written notice.


vi(c). Following a minimum period of SIX month’s service, either party may terminate the agreement on THREE calendar months’ written notice.


vi(d). Following a minimum period of 12 months, either party may terminate the agreement on ONE calendar months’ written notice.

vii. The Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice if, in the opinion of the Company, the Client’s activities may adversely affect the Company or any of the Company’s clients.

viii. Unsatisfactory references may lead to the Company terminating the agreement without notice.

ix. The Company undertakes that it shall upon the termination or expiry of the Contract, provided that payment of all outstanding monies has been received from the Client, immediately deliver up to the Client all correspondence and documents belonging to the Client in its possession or under its control.

Call Taking & Message Handling

x. All messages will be held until the Client requests delivery of them unless it has been agreed that messages will be relayed upon receipt.

xi. The Client may have the messages relayed verbally or by Email or Fax or Pager or SMS transmission.

xii. Where requested, the Company will use its discretion to assess whether a message is urgent or important and relay the same via SMS to a designated mobile telephone, or via FAX or Email.

xiii. The Company will only answer incoming calls between the defined hours depending on the service levels agreed: 1. Day Time: 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Please let us know if you would like to reduce these hours in order to correspond with your company opening time. 2. 24/7: Lines always open Outside of these hours we are able to offer a voice-mail system. The Client can be given access to the Company voice-mail system and be responsible for retrieving their own messages unless agreed to the contrary.


xiv. Neither party shall at any time during or after the term divulge, or allow to be divulged, to any person any confidential information relating to the business or affairs of the other.

The Company’s Right to Assign

xv. This Agreement and all rights under it may be assigned or transferred by the Company but not by the Client.

Credit Search

xvi. The Company reserves the right to make a search with a credit agency, which will keep a record of that search and will share that information with other businesses. We may also make enquiries about principle directors with a credit reference agency.


xvii. The liability of the Company to the Client on account of or in respect of any loss or damage suffered by reason of fault or negligence, including a failure or delay in providing service to the Client shall be limited to £50.

Force Majeure

xviii An extension of time will be granted if an event of force majeure causes a delay. However, both parties shall be released from their respective obligations if any cause beyond the reasonable control of any party renders the performance of the Contract impossible.


xix. The Client undertakes that during the Contract and for a period of six months following its termination, it will not without the prior written consent of the Company. induce or endeavour to induce any employee of the Company to leave his/her employment and to join the employment of the Client.

xx. The Client acknowledges substantial disruption will be caused to the Company in the event of the Client breaching the provision of this clause. The client agrees to pay a sum equal to 35% of the relevant employee’s gross annual salary to the Company by way of liquidated damages immediately upon receipt of an invoice therefore.

Proper Law and Jurisdiction

xxi. The construction, performance and validity of this Contract shall in all respects be governed by the law of England.


xxii. Clicking of the ‘Accept and Submit’ button at the foot of this page forms the basis of the Agreement between Factotum Ltd (the Company) and the Client. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be sent by email. These Terms and Conditions apply only to UK clients. Clients based in other jurisdictions should contact factotum Ltd directly on: (0044) 1638 576400.

xxiii Simply click the SEND BUTTON to enable us to create your profile. Our quality control team will then contact you with 48 hours to validate your specific personnel, pricing, service details and call handling protocols and your service will be activated in 3-5 work days.

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