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**Telephone Answering In A Crisis**

‘Crisis Ready or Crisis Chaos?’  Be it ‘2-14 DAY STAFF ISOLATION, LOCK DOWNS, CLOSURES, flood, fire, health, weather or power outage, what happens in your business, organization, office or reception when there is a staff shortage or a major incident that demands your attention or sends the phones into meltdown? Better ready than not, even if you never need us!

24×7 Contingency Telephone Answering

What happens to your business when an unexpected disaster occurs? Chances are you are thinking it won’t happen to your business, and you will sort it out if it does! But how much does that decision cost your business if a dilemma occurs?

What Can Go Wrong?

  • 2-14 day staff isolation – It’s happening!
  • A workplace power cut – It happens!
  • Your broadband goes down – It happens!
  • Your switchboard crashes – It happens!
  • Large scale staff absence – It happens
  • Fire, flood, natural disaster – They happen!

Our Contingency Call Management Service is a low-cost 24×7 outsourced telephone answering service which sits in the background until you need it and can be activated within minutes to ensure continuity for your business at a time of dilemma.

Open All Hours

Regardless of your industry or size of business, whether you have service level commitments to your clients or customers, or your business is open 24x7x365 for online income, being prepared for a dilemma is possibly your best investment you hope to never use.

Once someone has decided to buy or enquire about a product or service, they tend to act on impulse or it is put off and often never happens, and that is why your business needs to be prepared to take that call upon the consumers impulse 24 hours a day.


  • Answer calls in your business name
  • Ask caller basic 4-5 questions
  • Transfer call to key contacts
  • Option to relay message by text or email
  • Multiple staff profiles
  • Call transfers to any UK based landline or mobile for 15p per announcement plus BT rate

24×7 Contingency

Call Answering

From £49.95 per month

(subject to no. of lines or staff)


2.5p per second billing

(Only charged in times of emergency)


£100-£200 one-off set up fee

(Subject to number of lines and staff)

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