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24x7 Telephone Answering

Many businesses offer breakdown, call out or recovery services which depend on ‘Out of Hours’ business. Others have a need to maintain Service Level Agreements or have a duty of care to existing clients. Either way, businesses often struggle to manage their phones other than maybe a divert to the mobile phone of the on-call employee:

  • From lift engineers to locksmiths
  • From IT companies to heating engineers
  • From solicitors to glaziers

Underneath the traditional 999 services also sit a vast network of emergency support services including:

  • Healthcare, Medical, Housing, Translation, Legal, Charity, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and other such services

Our 24x7 Call Management Service is a low-cost outsourced reception service which also means that your engineer or advisor is free to get on with the work at hand knowing that those calls are handled and distributed in a professional and consistent manner.

Open All Hours

Unsocial working hours in years past are now common place. Combine that with online search facilities and the result is that your prospects and customers research and make buying decisions 24x7x365 in today’s economy. However, most businesses are only open 40-60 hours a week!

Once someone has decided to buy or enquire about a product or service, they tend to act on impulse or it is put off and often never happens, and that is why your business needs to be prepared to take that call upon the consumers impulse 24 hours a day.


  • A low-cost customer acquisition process
  • Huge competitive advantage over your competition
  • 24x7 E-commerce support and customer services
  • Escalation management service
  • Update your online and offline marketing to include “Call us NOW” or ‘Open 24x7’
  • We manage those calls seamlessly and professionally on your behalf
  • Charged on a ‘pay-as-you-go per second basis’


Call Answering

Pence per second billing

A one-off set up fee applicable

About ‘Out of Hours’ Call Answering

  • Answer calls in your business name
  • Ask caller basic 4-5 questions
  • Transfer call to on-call engineer or key contact
  • PLUS relay message by text or email
  • Up to 8 staff profiles added to contact list at no extra cost*
  • Call transfers to any UK based landline or mobile for 15p per announcement PLUS BT rate

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Call Answering

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